Bennett Photography

Specializing in family occasions

weddings, anniversaries, and family portraits

Because families create a place for us to belong in life, Gary and Thelma enjoy creating photographs of special occasions that help family members stay in touch with other over the years. They work diligently to capture expressions that mirror inner thoughts. Wedding photos, in particular, tell the whole story of the day’s events, introducing each character and highlighting each phase of the love story. Years from now, anyone can pick up the photo album and feel as if they’re watching the event unfold.

Family photography has become a life’s work for the Bennetts, not just a job. Gary will go so far as stand on a fence post or hang upside from a tree over a stream to get the best picture, and if appropriate backgrounds aren’t available, he brings them.

Thelma, as photography coordinator, creates a relaxed, unhurried atmosphere as she quietly organizes each photo grouping. Eighteen years of experience have taught them to arrange a pre-event planning session and an on site visit to insure that the occasion runs smoothly.

The Bennett’s give a written, realistic estimate of cost with no hidden charges.